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May 10, 2018

Bye Bye Social Media

Byeeee. I’m done. Not with Dollfacepunk, but trying to build engagement on social. Let me explain. Listening to some of my favorites: Jenna Kutcher from the Goal Digger Podcast and Beth Kirby from Local Milk and the Raw Milk Podcast I have been contemplating serving over selling. I realize I could better serve by making more signs and designs. They do such a fantastic job of serving their audience with beautiful photos and stories. But I realize I need to focus on what I am creating before spending so much time wrapped up in social.

Pinterest is the top form of social my customers are finding my products. Where they go when planning a party or looking for printables. It is also the platform I enjoy the most and will put my efforts. So follow me here.

I won’t delete our Instagram so I still have the name, because maybe one day. I have commented, deleted followers, followed people and liked from the wrong accounts, too many times than I like to admit, a downfall of maintaining three accounts. Maybe if I ever get a nice camera I will come back to it. Maybe.

I deleted our Facebook page. Makes me want to delete my personal Facebook! This year I want to focus on growth and not of my followers. Real interactions and not the show that has become social media.

Photo taken by the wonderful Taylor Barbour

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January 5, 2018

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

I turned 30 a month after the Baz Luhrmann movie Gatsby released. Inspired by the movie, the amazing soundtrack (Lana Del Rey!) and my love of the 20s I decided on a “Goodbye to my Roaring 20s Party.” Read more

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January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

I got 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal as a gift one Christmas. What a gift it turned out to be! Each week of 2016 I filled out list after list.

I really love lists.

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